Fervent Belief

Written by: Tracy Burrows

Beyond the sky, she spreads her wings to fly
Soaring freely within this sanctuary of desire
Gracefully gliding through space – she’s sensually enlightened!

But through treachery, a touchstone of humankind, she sighs,
As humanity again, betrays her, extinguishing soul’s fire
in life’s archetype, like a loss of gravity – her eyes haunted!

Hearkening to violent talk, see vexed fury within her eye
Wings so tattered & torn, and splattered with mire
She plummets, aimlessly through belief – she's near defeated!

Sceptics pollute her mind with doubts so sly
but a belief so fervent, sceptics become the subject of satire
A surge of hope and compelled to conviction – she is inspired!

And although a lingering state of sadness, always nigh
-  calamities of sceptics so near and familiar,
but no situation greater than she, she’s in control – she’s strengthened!

Hale and hearty, she can laugh and she can cry
but vanquish must the injections of sceptics to aspire,
because through these woes, she is her dream – she has, survived!