The Lady Bug and the Bear

Written by: Nadine Hof

In a forest far away
Sitting on a tree
Was a little lady bug
Eating happily

Until a bear came along
And sat on this tree
He flicked the lady bug away
As easily as can be

The lady bug was angry
And went up to the bear
And said “why did you flick me off
All the way over there?"

The bear looked and laughed at him
And said “I didn’t see
You bugs are much too small
And don’t matter to me”

The lady bug was hurt
And said to the bear
“I may be small but I matter
And you should really care”

The bear just ignored him
And kept on eating seeds
He filled his belly full up
And started on the trees

But halfway through eating
The bear cried in vain
You see he had a seed lodged
Which caused him so much pain

He asked the other bears
To help get the seed
But their paws were much too big
Something small they would need

The bear remembered the lady bug
And he was quite small
So he asked him to get that seed
Out of his aching jaw

The bear turned to the lady bug
And said “please help me through
This seed is much to painful
And I need help from you”

The lady bug felt sorry
For the big old bear
So went inside his mouth
And released the seed from there

The bear was quite thankful
And said to the lady bug
“Thanks for helping me”
And gave him a bear hug

Now they all lived in harmony
The shared the food around
And the lady bug was kept safe
Above and on the ground

So you see although some are big
And some are also small
It’s not the size that matters
It that heart within us all