The Reason For The Trip

Written by: Jim Skinner

    She is the reason I smile sometimes,
and feel way down, 
deep inside of me.
Mysterious , a glimpse of a face
or a smile on the same,
can cause this kind of glee.
I have taken to doing the silliest things,
not a clue to reason ,
or to rhyme.
The eyes are the window to the soul,
and these green
have surely ensnared mine.
If this window be left open to crack,
and a single tear  falls in pain.
I feel the hurt and loneliness,
left standing,
in the heartless rain.
This affliction leaves me tongue tied,
tied in knots,
standing on my head.
I cannot find the definition,
in any of the books I've read. 
It's an E-ticket ride,
on a rollercoaster,
running straight to the heart.
Through the dips and bumps,
through lifes ' curves
tis a journey I am  a part.
For me ,it's not just the journey,
not knowing ,whats around the bend.
It's the place where life leads,
and where my footsteps end.