A moment with her

Written by: Andre Bolt

All he heard was " Come here.
Someone wants to meet you"
So he said "Might as well,
Nothing else to do."
Introductions were simple
As was the discussion that day
"Here's who wanted to meet you,
Here's my son Andre'."
At first I couldn't believe my eyes
She wants to meet me?
But through a pair of luscious lips
And big brown eyes...."Hi I'm Romy."
I've died and gone to Heaven!
Or fast asleep and dreaming?
For this angel is one of a very few
That I've wanted to the depths of my being
But for some reason, I could sense
One way or another
All the time we had together
A few more weeks..would soon be over
We were together for such a short time
Now eternally apart
And from now into forever
With only a wanting heart