Written by: Patricia Henriques

Thank you for your bright eyes
and for your wonderful hands
Thank you for your mind
for the poems you write
but mainly for those you don't.

Thank you for your wonderful smile
your doubts
your questions
your regrets
your talking
but mainly for what you don't say.

Thank you for your thoughts
and that you had waited
although I was late.
and that you had holden my hand
and that you had given me a such good time
I could had eased my pain 
Thank you for what you love
but mainly for what you are indifferent to.

Thank you for being real
for being there
for your warm voice
your arms 
your steps 
the door you had opened
the chair you had pulled
for your wonderful tie,
for your smell
that I had kissed you
that I had touched you

Thank you for your forgiveness
but above all, for your anger.

Patricia Evans