this single kiss

Written by: Maurice Yvonne

with one arm i draw you near, entwine
and on your lips tenderly i place mine
i hold you tight
i kiss you light

i embrace you with my arms, my hide
i kiss you deep  and slowly glide inside 
swallow your doubts
engage our mouths
use our tongues, a clean slate
i kiss you all, like a life long mate

we circle over and over the hemisphere. visit the ancient gardens of babylon 
here. refresh our bodies under a canadian waterfall. view the coral reefs in the 
pink waters of belize submerged and all.

we monopolize the star covered night. spread our towels out of sight. sink into 
the  mink sifted warmth each of  a white sand beach.

still our lips glued
our  passions ruled
happily lost and unthinking 
content to let the bell ring
dwell together in this abyss
 relish this  ongoing kiss.

still two stranger's grips
willing to share naked lips
though we know when we leave this terrain
that will be it never to see each other again

with nothing to object
convinced this kiss perfect.