Written by: alisa cook

friendship is like a broken road  you have to watch the way  it gose. and change's 
everything you put trust in. now feel's so insane. as you sit and wonder what went 
wrong you  blame it on the days so long. you blame it on there's never no time , 
you blame it on  all work and than you think  of how  to do it all again .   we forget 
the ones we truely love, and think they'll hang in the star's above. we have no time 
to just say hi to pick up a phone to hear them cry. we have no time to share a 
smile . to have a ear just to hear.  oh, but life is fast  it really fly's by  and the ones 
you love they finely die. than you wonder why you was that way thinking only of 
your self in that one  selfish day. when you could've  just throught for once  that it 
wouldent  hurt  to be that friend ,to  love that person to the end .  to share your day  
to cheer  someone alse and not feel so bad about your self. we all hear of bad 
times ,of friends loseing friends and the end of times .  but the one thing we can 
be and say  is we have friends they just  went a strayed . and someday they'll 
need us again someday.