New World

Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

In an entire new world
It seems there's no one to hold on
Just a lonely girl
Whose joys are shattered and gone

In an entire new world
Where it seems so cold
No worth of a million pearls
But of pride so bold

So now I realized
I'm on your own
Life's a rolling dice
No place a real home

When I trust I'm betrayed
When I love I'm heartbreak
I'm lost in every single way
Consoling the heart always dismayed

To and fro along with the swift currents
Struggling hard to grasp a firm hold
Hanging helplessly in a grip of the tyrant
As its weaknesses I tried to unfold

Someday, I'll claim my rightful place
Where no one can put a halt
In this world i shall ace
Who dares deny my part?