My Family

Written by: Pravir Dass

You are everything to me,
You are my brothers, my sisters,
My family.
My trunk,
My unwavering branch
Refusing to bend the the blustery will of the wind.

I take pride in knowing that you are my friends
And I am grateful for you
So I will be your rock when you need one.
I will be your pillow 
For you to rest your head on when you are tired.
Your blanket
To keep you warm.
Your impenetrable fortress
To guard your mind, body and soul.

For its in your shining aura 
That I find hope,
In your wisdom I find guidance.
In your laughter, 
I find freedom.
In your friendship 
I take solace
For in you, I've found my home.

You mean more to me then you will ever know,
More then I let you see,
Even more than I, myself ,realized
You are my Family