Defining Innocence

Written by: Pravir Dass

This world is rife with obstacles,
Objects that play with the innocence of young hearts,
Inexperienced hearts,
Hearts that by any other description would be called pure,
Untouched and innocent.

Oh how I wish the world would recognise
These toying unknowns for what they are.
If only to protect Loves children
From those who seek to to destroy their minds
 And plunder their youth!

For these unmentionables are the cursed
Borne into our society via foul thoughts
And dark souls,
Souls who themselves are created via broken hearts and shattered dreams!

Decapitated lives!
And not by any vile being
Or seductive monster
But by the innocents themselves.
Innocents trying to guard other innocents,
Guard them from having from having briken hearts and shattered dreams.

Proof that they too cannot be called innocent
For they are responsible for all hearts 
That become the casualty of their protection!

So I ask, what is innocents