Written by: Terri Evans

I wondered in a field of loneliness and pain
I followed the path that led me insane.

 I fell down and bled, cried all my tears
I've been used and hurt all of these years.

I can't find a way out, no matter how hard I try
I can't find the right love I'm so lost inside.

I've had my share of arguments, I've lost all my fights
That doesn't make me weaker it makes me stronger

You may take pleasure out of causing me this pain
just take this in  and remember what I am going to say

I've chased my butterflies
I've got stung by bees
the field  with flowers I see are all dead
you may sit and torment me,my soul, my heart, my cries
but I'm not getting weaker, I'm getting stronger inside.

One day I will break free  from what is holding me back
 I'm not being  pushed away, I'm pulling you  down.

Just remember  what I told you I wonder how you breath
I wonder how you sleep at night... Do you see me in your Dreams?