Written by: Terri Evans

There can be  no words
to express how I feel
I can't cry enough to forget you still.

I think about every moment 
we spent together.

Spring,Summer,Autum, Winter
all the  seasons that made me  happy , now make me sad.

You are the best friend I never had 
 not wondering if you think about me too.

All I can is stay msising you
I can't forget you,  I don't plan to I am 
holding on strong but I've got to move on.

 I know one day  we will be  together agian,
but it is tearing me  up inside
even my heart is broke.

I wish you was here to make it all better
I think about you everyday wishing  you
would return.

I know you have your troubles
I wish I could help you through
all I can do is  stay missing you.