Love (pt 3)

Written by: Terri Evans

   whats makes you different what makes you happy in love

     is it what your looking for?
     is it knocking at the door of your  heart?

 I never knew love could  be  so strong 
 its just something that can't steer you wrong.
 Some people can't handle it,  it , makes you so weak inside
 makes you want to lay down and cry.

     makes your heart  skip a beat
      when you can't speak around your love

      stands out and makes you scared
       you shiver in aware that your in love

  When you have someone close to your heart
   and you don't want to lose them
   makes you cry because your afraid you would be alone
    is different it can change a million worlds
    is happy it can make your soul never be alone
     is afraid when you find someone
    then you can't move on

     is something that is true inside me and you thats love
     a feeling you can't let go  something that  has to show
     that we are in love

 October  21, 2004