Written by: Karena Brown

Yuh come inna mi office
come tek out mi tings 
yuh bright!!!!!!!!!!!
Mi nuh undastan yuh!!!!!!!!!!

Mi sey to miself...
"Lawd, mi a go forgive him....see di good side"
but nooooooooooo......
yuh come, nuff up yuhself and TIEF!!!!

Bwoy o bwoy....
ghost know who fi frighten...
clearly me a no one.

Come nuh...step in yah again!!
Me an yuh a go 'ave it out!
Tink seh mi likkle bit an caan mash ants...
wait likkle more...
King Kong piss up himself when me get bringle!!

An den yuh 'ave de audacity fi come laugh inna mi face!
Yuh no know who yuh a deal wid!!??
lata fi yuh...mi have betta tings fi do!

NB: For those who may not understand the language the poem, it is written in 
Jamaican Patois.