Written by: Colin Marschall

Bathed in spotlight, neon tongues
flatter to deceive.
Magdalene princess hawks
cars dancing headlights.

Just a child,
drugged on promises, candy wrapped in lies.

Recollecting innocence on far away shores.
ready to conquer tradition,
                            ~something that didn’t understand her~

Suffocating her butterflies
in a shroud of adventure.
The man; 
                          ~Job, room, money.
                            A future~
                          ~Payment deferred~

Illegal alien; Faceless statistic,
whose illusions were torn
as easily as her hymen; Debt repayment.
Freedom, just a willow-o-wisp swept away
on the winds of never.

We see her.

Marionette, dancing to strings of addiction,
street vendor with precious wares.
                            ~damaged goods only~

A stare of derision cast no pity,
as we step a little faster.
Avoiding the consequences of Samaritan deeds,
blaming recklessness of youth; lack of respect.
                            ~probably deserves it anyway~

Perfume of apathy overpowers stench of abuse,
and as another piece of meat is tenderized,
we do not dip below the clouds.