Inner Demons

Written by: Grushen Guazon

U I've had dreams before,
But life had something instore.
I failed in a lot of ways
Had to cry for many days.
Success was a myth
I could never be with.
Am I still the same me?
That same person I see
When I look in the mirror,
With that look of horror
Etched in those brown eyes.
How time really flies
One would wonder.
Each failure was a reminder
Of how worthless I am.
Every smile was a sham
That no one seemed to know.
Happiness you see is for show
Yet, no one realized the truth
That pained me even in my youth.
Tried to think of one happy past
A total blank came up fast.
Hating where I'am now
I had to ask myself how
I finally ended up here?
To the very future I fear.
Future I hoped never to face
But it seemed I lost the chase.
Loneliness has found me,
Emptiness wont let me be.
Hating what I have become
That bright light, I long to welcome.
Maybe when I finally do
Then I'd be happy too.