why be afraid of the dark

Written by: Manu Nair

As the darkness prevails around,
and as the sun sets in,
as the birds return to their nests,
as the moon creeps out,
as to shed out a little light,
that goes a long way,
in helping the young and the old,
to find their way,
which in turn,
gives a new look to the world around us,
as the plants, the leaves and trees look prettier,
than they were ever before,
with the help of stars of different shapes ,
and sizes,
shining bright,
as if calling out to the kids, the young and the old,
to come out and play,
telling us a little light helps in driving darkness out,
so don't be afraid of the dark,
as we are here to help you,
and to protect you,
so come out of your houses,
and enjoy,
the light,
that I shed!