Written by: Ako Henshaw

Youngest of all she went unnoticed.
 So beautifully cultured but shy a motive.

  So talented, so loved;
   And above her the beaut world evolved.

     To Cecilia and Robbie 'twas their spring.
       But with Robbie little Tallis hoped a ring.
        Then came the industrious Marshall so virile.
          So sharp in charisma but in deeds so vile.

            little Tallis knew him a hoax.
             But out of this notion her Schizophrenic mind coax.

              Yet love unfold for Ceci and Robbie 'twas vanquished
                And in perishing indeed reputation tarnished.

                  Aye was this right of little Tallis?
                    Nope cos she got it all amiss.

                      With this couple she never again got a moment
                         So she wrote her fiction in atonement.
Dedicated to the movie Atonement ( by Joe Wright).
 Please read about atonement and write about it. (