black and blue

Written by: kathryn collins

Black and Blue

Ma, Jimmy knocked me in the head;
don’t tell his mama – I’ll be dead.

My eye is black; my elbow bruised.
Please kiss them both (tween me and you.)

I cannot go to school again;
he said he’d kill me, what then?

Oh mama, mama I don’t want to die
and be with Grandpa in the sky.

I loved my Grandpa; he was the most;
but really mama, I’m not lookin’ to be toast.

Look, it’s Jimmy’s ma and Jimmy
walking awfully slow.

He kicked the dirt and rubbed his eyes;
he didn’t look so bold.  

He didn’t look so tough now with tears and trembling lips
with reddened eyes and runny nose; he couldn’t get a grip. 

He said I’m sorry; would you be my friend?
I’ll never hit you, never again.

P.S.  This was written before all the school shootings when life was simple and we just beat each other up.