Written by: Nicole Silby

Home is where the Heart is,
For we all know this
From the moment we are born
There is a home full of bliss
For those that don't,
It is sad but true
For in my heart
my home is for you.
Our home is full of happiness, 
Gladness and Peace
Respect one and other
Before this world will cease.

For the light that shines through
Comes from me to you
My home is an open book
Please come take a look
Where there is Love,
There is Hate 
The two strongest words
In this world to date.
For in my home
There is no Hate
For the love I have
Is for you too take.

For in this world
There is a price
The price of Love
It can be nice
Don't  let go 
Of  what you have
Between YOU and ME
We can all be free
For in this world
Lets all stand tall
Embrace one and other
And be thankful ONE and ALL!!!