To My Demise

Written by: Ajalon Michael Zarate

While you mentioned you're confused
I had to take a minute and put myself in your shoes.
Began thinking in twos
Rather than always thinking about the only one I choose!
Realizing, how much I've abused
Your kindness I took for granted and misused.
Wondering what's my excuse
Unable to comprehend...Leaving the heart you've lend in the end to be so bruised.
Just to turn around to apologize
But you and I know that I can't turn back the time.
Silly me to even think that through my rhyme
That I can actually change your mind with these simple lines.
What use to symbolize
Our trust are now broken by these silly lies
Am I surprise?
To my demise...There should be no reason why we often act so uncivilized!
Until the cries
Began to fill the empty space that washed away her smile.
Washed away for miles
Leaving her in pain that would stretch so far out like the River Nile!