My Apple Board

Written by: Barbara Gorelick

Above my burdened desk hangs my bulletin board..
I think I must try make time to get a bigger one soon.
My busy life has crowded this one so much,
I can't find what I had just posted there yesterday.
I love this board, it looks like a giant brown apple,
outlined in red , so ripe in the bounty of my life.
A school picture of the apple of my aging eyes,
my oldest grandson, dangles from the apple stem.
Little ones peek through reminders, an unpaid bill,
Thank you cards and a dental appt., now there's a thrill!  
 The corner of my favorite card juts out behind a recipe ..
The card is a picture of two dinosaurs on the bank..
watching the ark sail says to the other.
" Oh crap! Was that today?, the inside is still blank."
 A calendar tells me what the rest of the month holds. 
This collage of my life is a pleasure in my day.
 Maybe I wont get a bigger one after all...

10/ 13/13