Loving Stranger

Written by: Sandhya Joseph

‘Loving stranger’ is what I’d like to call you
Cuz.. your dawn in me is oblivious
What’s going through me..
Cannot be explained,
All I can tell you is
It ushers a smile,
A twinkle in my eyes,
Ceases time..
Is this what’s called magic?
Are you who’s called an angel?
Are you my light in darkness?
You sure do seem to be..
Dreams they say are tomorrow’s realities,
Something I dint believe in,
Until you came along..
“I’d love to hold your hand and look into your eyes”
Were the words you whispered to me,
Little did you know I felt the same,
Little did you know what it meant to me!
Loving stranger.. Oh.. Loving stranger..
With you I can dance,
Into the night,
Night after night,
To the rhythm of life,
Life after life..