No More No More

Written by: Andrew Shannon

I still love her
Doesn’t she know, can't she tell?
There's nothing I wouldn't do
Because see, just for her I fell

I still love for her, my only girl
For I miss you all the time
At just the thought of you
My eyes are never dry

Our eyes, my love, they won’t ever again meet
And my heart just feels so sore
Never again will my soul feel your heat
No More No More

I still love her
I still love for her, my only girl
The feeling won’t ever pass
For that love, my first and my last

My arms still long for her to hold
To feel her here with me, in my heart
Regret for the words I never told
It’s ripping me apart

In my dreams, dear, you will persist
For eternity, and evermore
To you, all the best I wish
No More No More

So I still love her
And I will always still love for her, my only girl
She needs to know that I feel this way
But now she's just too far away

I want to make her know, only to let her see
Of what we could have together made
All that she is, and what she means to me
Her face, in my mind, won’t ever fade

How I would’ve loved to be yours
And love you on the shore
But you won’t come knocking on my door
No More No More