Live for Today ! -Could I ?

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Today, when I look back at the years gone by...
Precious moments of my life I lost, I try to think.."why ?"
Planning for the future of my family,I lived my life...
Playing a mother to my kids and a loving wife..

My children meant the world to me..
"Special Someone", I wanted them to be..
My husband ,always happy, I wished to see..
Very Successfull , I wanted him to be.

Family to me mattered the most..
On their achivement , I wanted  to boast.
Our future be happy and secure- -my only intention,
In this process, to myself I paid no attention.

My health,  I neglected a  lot,
My appearance, I totally forgot.
Slogging my life out ,all the money I saved..
To a happy future, the path I paved.

Today I feel I have achieved a lot..
But I also can see what all I lost .
Precious moments of my life ,
Where, I could be" Just Me", not a mother or wife..

"Live for today" as everyone says..
"Really possible?" , I wonder in every which way..
At times I feel " I too should have tried..
But would it be possible, and could I ?