Stinks Among the Stars

Written by: Audrey Hays

This poem’s stupid 
This poem stinks
Stinks as in shoes
Stinks like you
You are worthless
You are wrong
Wrong is right
Wrong defines bad
Bad people are shoved off
Bad things happen to the best
Best moments do not last
Best memories are taking
Taking stilly in a photo
Taking problems that mean nothing
Nothing stands up for doubt
Nothing is what lies at heart 
Heart beats to give me breath
Heart whispers what I regret
Regret is when we turn old
Regret is a feeling we seem to hold
Hold dear your closest friend
Hold on to the loved ones who hurt 
Hurt one another with lies of love
Hurt your Father who rests high above
Above is where death resides 
Above me, my grandparents lie
Lie that pulled your love closed 
Lie down to accept the end
End with a reset mind
End this poem that’s a waste of time
Time that keeps on ticking 
Time no one has on their hands
Hands that can’t stop moving 
Hands to offer a sense of humanity 
Humanity can’t think clearly 
Humanity is blind
Blind ones are known to see the most
Blind eyes are the brightest pupil
Pupil rests at the center of the eye
Pupil learns how to create a work of art
Art flourishes over all states
Art creates your very own world
World is where the people live
World hunger is what we strive to return
Stars cover up the night
Stars are what give life meaning