We are independent

Written by: fransisca pretorius

We as woman often hear that we are in a mans world,
but that is insane.
Men need us more than we need them. 
We share this world together. 

Sometimes we lay roots in others lives,
and share a special relationship with our children and friends.
We as woman are as independent as men.
We are  responsible and intelligent  too.

We strife to be the best that we can,
and we make a difference in others lives.
We can be bold and strong.
We can make our own living. 

Although it means to work harder and faster than ever before.
We as woman are like  flower seeds when it grows 
and blossoms it is truly spectacular
We live life,
We love life 
and we blossom in our lives and we express our feelings  in artistic ways.

we live in reality, we strife for what is right.
But most of all,
we dream for dreams come true,
but only if you believe...

(Roots by Frida Kahlo-1943)