Invisible people

Written by: cherie thomas

  The people, I may never know
Have touched my life completely so.
  The connections, that are formed
Radiate with so much warmth.

  It's a gift from above, appreciated with 
 Sincere love, a kind & written word
  Although our voices may never, be heard.
There's nothing like reading a poem,
  It's just as beautiful as the sweetest song.

In the depths of every soul, there's a magical possession 
 That Unfolds.  A message connecting us.
Interpretations, a constant must. Of the things in life,
  We all share.  

Our dreams & hopes even when we dispair
  Our, disappointments & triumphs
Wrapped inside, a few paragraphs,
  No matter what our social status

Or where we are from on this planet,
  A tranquil voice, unheard echos in the midst
Is worth more than a thousand words...