John 14:6

Written by: Tamara Dunston

I thought it was left
instead it was right

Years I travel
in the wrong direction

Heeding not to maps instruction

I may not finish
should I go the other way.

I fool myself
"I got this"

Eyes shut, 
yet reflects opens definition

Blind sighted, I continue
headed to damaged destinations

In this journey I grow tired
weary, breathless "pants" for air

I may stumble, headed to  crumble
"Help is anyone there?"

I'm cool I'm straight
I think.....
This looks scary
darkness seems to blanket my path.

No answer in sight
too dark to see

Man this is really bugging me.

Tear drenched face
mind hurts of confusion

WAIT....over there, the other way
a solution

JESUS? Is that you?
Bright is the light,
but squint I do not

Oh Jesus I'm so glad you
came through
Right here and the right spot


Hand and hand
the brighter, righter,
and clear sighter 
yes.... a new day

I trust you Lord
I will follow you