Times Have Changed

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

There was a time when any thoughts with consequent emotions occupied me
Conversing was a breeze!
Writing about anything was far from difficult

Today, I spend moment after moment evaluating and reevaluating when it comes to writing

I enjoyed speaking
I enjoyed people

Today, I diligently search and gather whatever speck of opinion I have toward anything

“This” is how I feel but why?
How do I even feel?
What happened?
What do I want?

I just want to be okay…

I want to enjoy people and not be afraid to say “too much” – 
Whatever that is

I’m cautious of what I say and do because I’m sensitive emotionally
I say little and do little 

Today, I have less mean-spirited confrontations
My kindness and generosity is still the same

When people laugh, I don’t laugh
Should I?

When people have open-talk I’m hesitant to share because I fear people will misjudge me by my words
And disregard Me

What do I do about this?
IT IS NOT as simple as, “it doesn’t matter what people think”

Because I KNOW that “it” does