Fear's Playgroud

Written by: Kib G

When trapped in "FEAR'S PLAYGROUND"
There's Fear of everything...
Fear of Losing, Fear of Winning.
Fear of things Endings and Beginning.
Fear of Trusting , Fear of Loving.
Fear of losing the grip that keeps me strutting.
Fear of being at the point where this notion...
Can no longer be seen with eyes wide open,
That Fear is Yesssss A Very Vicious Emotion, 
But it's one that doesn't have to be so paralyzing.
By the contrary it can be reviving and rectifying,
To the soul with a little strategizing. 
Fear can be the stepping stone to"Greatness" and not always traumatizing.
But you must fight through it before reaping the rewards of " Fear's Falling and Strengths Uprising".