child of dust

Written by: sindiswa mhlanga

                                                             Child of dust
Stared in the mirror for her worries to disappear
But that was impossible for her troubles were near
Child of dust don’t depart on this dreadful art
You must fight for your place in this path
Child of dust don’t be blown away 
Like wind in the air...
Stay strong and act on this art of life 

Paint your own phrase  
Let your world be known
How you got back home 
Were the blankets are so warm
Tell your story, tell your says
Child of dust don’t run away

Face your fears, for they’re your past
And create your future on this broken ark...
Stand up and clean your dirt 
For time has taken its torn
You are more than that of what they think of...
Remember the times you cried
Now let your tears be heard 
Child of dust you’re a golden star
Don’t let them bring you down

For you have walked the darkest paths in this life 
And felt the bitterness of their says down your toes
‘‘Saying you can’t’’
‘‘Saying you won’t’’
‘‘saying you will never’’
But now that you found your way out
Embrace it for last.