The grave digger is back

Written by: jalani jenkins

The shovel is ready 
The tombstone is ready
I'm here to put u to rest
The grave digger is back 
I keep poets shook 
Keep em in fear 
They hear my voice
They stop & listen
I'm the true undertaker 
When I grab the mic
Rest in piece to ur poems
U gotta go to the grave
I dug it for u buddy
This is ur final resting place
I'm true to my word
I can't tell a lie
But I'm not Abe Lincoln 
I see fright in ur eyes 
U dont know what to do 
Do u
Lets head to the graveyard
Oh u dont want to head there 
Well to bad 
I got a tombstone with ur name on it
Are u ready 
It's time to put u in the grave 
Don't worry there's more poets to bury 
And they will rest aside u
I know ur terrified 
To see the poet grave digger 
I'm back on the loose
Be very very queit
No this aint Elmer Fuad 
I ain't huntin rabbits 
I'm hunting poets with a mic in my hand
Put they name to shame
Don't blink
Don't make a sound
Cause once I end the competion
The poet graveyard is gonna get full
Alot of u poets are on the menu
It's time to start diggin more graves
These poets are gettin tired and its time to put them to sleep.