Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop


                 Cruel Lessons

I shudder when I ponder on my youth
Of careless choices made in haughty haste--
Forgotten pals that had no use for truth
But gloried in their greed and disregarded waste.

There is no way to rectify my thoughtless sin
No way undo the heartless words I often spoke--
Admittance of my vice may sway a younger kin
Avoid the road, avoid the booze or toke--
But life demands each youth to learn thru pain
Which prances through our secret longing dreams--
Thus caution kindly meant is lost in vain
Youth encaptured by tech-no dramatic schemes—

We’ve forgotten how to speak our hearts
Although, at times, we do our best
Invite young friends to have a meal--
But cannot find our techno guests

So lost without a phone--
Dodge looking eye to eye-- 
Our guests are living in a “Zone”--
The moment to advise has passed us b.y

How cruel it is to face the painful fact
There is no relief of dark despair
Each one of us cannot turn back--
Must learn from life—but try advice to share. 

V Anderson-Throop 2013 ©