The Truth

Written by: Cassie Ca

Tired. Unwanted. Alone
Three words I'm used to saying because I always feel like i'm "on my own."
Physically here. Emotionally gone. Deeply hurt.
A body in motion, but mind & soul feeling in the dirt.
Painful memories. Restless nights. Horrid Dreams.
Caused by a dreadful past that still haunts the mind and causes  tears & screams.
Each line in this poem is the true emotion of a broken teen,
A broken teen messed up because of all the dangers foreseen.
A body so young, yet feeling so old.
A mind so imaginative, but yet has nothing to be told.
A soul so pure, but left feeling so cold.
A relationship with God is number one, but with the obstacles he set out, have made it harder to be done.