A Lovers Kiss

Written by: Tracie Edwards

xOx I lay my head upon your chest. Feeling it rise and fall as you breathe. Hearing each beat of your heart. Little pants still escaping through your lips. Putting me at ease, slowly I close my eyes. My body still tingling, aglow from the warmth you give me. I wrap my arm across your stomach. Gliding my hand gently along the length of your side. Counting each rib knowing what they protect. Your precious heart, so full of love. Smiling just a little, as I know just how ticklish you are. Pulling myself tighter against you. Craving the warmth your body radiates. Lying like this, I could stay forever. You reach your arm around. Gently placing your hand on the small of my back. Feeling protected as you wrap yourself around me. Relaxing my body completely, appeased to the tee. Satisfied, not able to move,no words needed. Our closeness saying it all. Gently gliding your hand up my back across my shoulder and down my arm. Entangling each of your fingers with mine as my heart skips a beat. I teasingly play with each digit. Lifting my chin, to see your face. Are you thinking the same as i How amazing this is, how beautiful we are. Our eyes meet we both can't help but smile. I feel your heart beat, its matching mine. You lean down, bringing your lips to mine. Lips so soft and supple, to touch. Deep, yet soft and sensuous Lying here next to you, we kiss. xOx
For.. POETESS DARKLY Contest Name A Kiss is just a Kiss