Hey, Butterfly, Butterfly

Written by: Ryan Farmer

Hey! butterfly! butterfly! 
Wait for me, 
And tell me of your dreams.

Have you danced with fairies gay
And found your love and life? 
Have you sipped the sweetest gold
And rest on  the coloured beds? 

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Come on me,
And sing me your finest song.

Have you heard the music,
The music of all that is? 
Have you seen the unseeable tones, 
And swam in the seas scent? 

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Rest on me
And tell me what you be.  

Have you danced with blossoms 
And laid your babes to hatch? 
A fluttered dream of worms long dead
The hope of better things to come.

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Leave me not
But tell, 
What do dreams, dream of? 
Of worms? of God? 
Or  Both?