Surprise Me

Written by: Joe Flach

Surprise me with a compliment
When I’m feeling down
Surprise me with a funny joke
When you see me wear a frown
Surprise me with agreement
When I am argumentative
Surprise me with a “thank you” smile
When I’ve nothing left to give

Surprise me with a thumbs up sign
Even though I tried and failed
Surprise me with camaraderie
When all my other friends have bailed
Surprise me with a shoulder rub
After a long, hard day at work
Surprise me with a good kick in the tush
When I am being a real jerk

Surprise me with an in depth look
At one of my stupid poems
Surprise me by being there
When at night I stumble home
Surprise me by simply loving me
Although there is no good reason to at all
Surprise me by catching me
Before I even start to fall

Surprise me in any of these ways
And this I promise you
The surprises that I give right back
Will come in multiples of two