The Squire

Written by: Shadow Hamilton

A young squire set off
through the dark woods
he was on his way to town
to find adventure and fun

When he was set upon by villains
bravely he fought them off
his sword now blood-red
on toward the town ahead 

Then a fearsome dragon
blocked his way with fire
he strung his longbow
and shot it dead through the eye

He passed by an old man
his cart stuck in a rut
the squire lent a hand
his gaze he could not advert

He has e-spied a comely maiden
hair of gold and lips like satin
a twinkle in her blue eyes as she gazed 
struck by the bolt of love

He rode with them to town
saw them settled in the inn
then to the lord of the manor
to swear his fealty on bended knee

The lord knighted the young squire
"A boon, I ask," my lord, "I am in love
and wish to wed. Will you grant my wish"?
"Indeed I will," the lord replied,

"Lets all feast and be merry
as you take your bride's hand",
a banquet spread before them
they exchanged their rings

Now they retire to the boudoir
there let us leave this pair of new weds

written 03/22/2013

contest: medaeval idealism