When Life Was Simple

Written by: Desiree Gapuz

When life was simple...
Everything was just a vague reality of life
Everyone was just a shadow hanging in the clouds

When life was simple
There was no room for fears
There was no one to be left behind
There was no love nor hate

That  was life twenty two years ago...
Now I am bound to face another decade of life
Another decade of broken destiny
Another story in an infamous book of my life

This is life now...
This was the reality I did not anticipate to grow this tall
This was the peculiar thought I always recalled 
Back then...

When life was simple
There was no me and you.
Stars were always there to catch me
But that was back then...

When life was simple...
When it was only me and my dream
That was way back then
Way back when all I had was an innocent heart

When life was simple 
No one threw me away.
No one kept me from being close to you
But now that life is a pack of mess
I could never have what I've always dreamed of
I could never with the man who taught me 
How to love with out expecting nothing in return
Than a smile..

Now I had to go...
Because life will never be that simple
This is really goodbye
Because the reason that made me close to you
Is the same reason the pushed me away from you.