Coming Out of the Shadows

Written by: Kim Merryman

Shrouded by the shadows of sin and fear,
Shackled by defeat and despair,
Depression an unwelcome anchor,
Weighed me down, had me gasping for air.

No light could I see in the darkness.
No abating of sin's guilt and grief.
Until I cried out for redemption,
And God answered and brought sweet relief.

Christ died so I could be rescued,
His righteousness exchanged for my sin.
Christ's blood washed away my transgressions,
And brought me new life within.

The Light of the World is Jesus,
All darkness must flee at His name.
No longer do I live in the shadows.
Thank you, Jesus, I'll never be the same!

For Gail Angel Doyle's "Coming Out of the Shadows" contest.