Peace of Mind

Written by: Guy Chaifetz

Peace of mind, where is it you have you gone
You have left me and now I’m so forlorn.
You were at my side for 60 solid years,
But you have left me with so many fears.

Peace of mind you kept me so sedate.
Made it very easy for me to live and to relate.
But somehow you went out of fashion.
And have left me without the needed passion.

Peace of mind, I search high and low.
Where is it that you must have had to go?
We were once so much hand in hand.
And I had you at my very command.

Peace of mind, you’ve simply vanished.
I want you back for I am famished.
I’m starving for what you provided me.
Come back soon, so I can again be free.

Peace of mind, you say I think it’s about money.
Now that I have none, life is not funny.
You’re telling me I’m missing the point.
That I don’t need money for you to anoint.

Peace of mind, you’re telling me to believe
That money is not how I should truly perceive.
That faith is what makes you a reality.
And if I believe there will be a certainty.

Peace of mind, I know you are my friend
So you say our friendship did not end.
And you’re still there and haven’t jumped the ship.
I just need to believe, you’re still there in the slip.

Peace of mind, in life that’s all that really matters.
And if your life has somehow ended up it in tatters.
Now is the time for you to have a little faith.
Peace of mind is there at your front gate.