Written by: Evonne Van Gundy

Drowning in the shadows,
choking on the cold,
watching in the stardust,
as shattered dreams unfold.
She wasn't young, but still a 
you could see the innocence in 
her eyes,
hear the heartache in her 
screaming as she sighed.
Crawling for the sunlight,
begging to be found,
she pulls away in terror,
waiting for the sound,
of an angel of mercy,
yet to show his wings,
sinking in her sadness,
she can hear their voices sing.
She opens her mouth, and as 
she screams,
silence rings in her ears,
alone in her pity, she starts to 
what exactly she fears,
what she runs from,
what she wishes would go 
yet as she opens her eyes,
she's safe again
saved by the angel of day.