On the day darkened by the thick clouds
 I traveled aimlessly a round the ugly town
There in corridor beneath the lonely street
A boy seeming dead lay silently and straight
Among the tins, papers and old boxes
I moved my hand upon his patched rags
And folks passing- by sneered at me standing there
Mourning over such they took for thugs
When in the end i decided to go
The boy rose silently and clang to my feet
“listen to my story, a cry of my soul”
He said in the voice that rose and fell
“Why in the world should one pretend
To be molding rules he really can’t a mend
You and he and she all know
People like us only God knows!
Dead or livin’ sick or cold
The nightly creatures know it ll
And what have we to eat who cares at all
All they sing, peace for all
And who care if we too got dreams,
All they say reach your goals
And here we freeze each night that falls
And there they say God for all
Love your neighbor s you love your soul
A mocking statement to the living souls”