Maybe I'll Just Wait A While

Written by: Mercy Soriano

Even the fading moonlight reflects your radiant beauty,
While the whisper of the waves envy your serenity,
My cold hands could only tremble while tracing your face,
While my other hand's reluctant to even hold your waist,
Your eyes remind me of stars still undiscovered from prying eyes,
Your lips tempt me so intoxicatingly high,
Yet the flowing breeze teases me with your sweet perfume,
For so long I have wondered and assumed,
What it would be like to be this close to you,
To feel a deep sense of passion so fresh so new,
And if I do close my eyes to kiss your lips,
Would you still be there when they open?
So maybe I'll just wait a while,
Make it last for as long time would let it be,
Holding you this way is more than enough,
More than I expected I could have.