White Letter -home foreclosure contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

The postman knocked i had to sign
For this  imposing letter of mine
With shaking hands tore it open
Showing the official letter within

Tears filled my eyes when i read
You have one month to leave this homestead
Your payments are in arrears you have to go
I looked at my family and thought oh no 

I phoned the company to plead
To beg for an extension on this deed
To find the money that I owed
More and more my words flowed

We will give you  3 months to correct this debt
Thank you 's were very inept
I gathered my valuables to sell at a price
Prayed and prayed for help with this mess.

Time is running out my fears were to the for
 wondering who would lend me just a few score.
The postman knocked another letter in white
Somehow i had a feeling this would be alright

I read the letter and fell to my knee
Tears flooded my eyes so i couldn't see
The letter stated in simple words it said
"your this months lottery winner you have won £150k"

Prayers were answered my thanks  I said in prayer
Saved this lovely home that i savour
I can pay off  the mortgage, so you see
there will be no more sad white letters for me

Don't be silly a make sure your home is safe, 
the golden rule, always  pay your  mortgage/rent first.
Before any thing else.

Penned July 2nd 2023