On The Smile Side

Written by: Effie Blake

Felicity, when there is melancholy,
is a feat most peculiar.
Likewise, smiles are parallel to joy
while frowns are perpendicular.

To promote happiness
allows "the pent" to unwind.
Their health will become in the pink
and better longevity they will find.

Elation and glee that just simmers should be wanted,
for both are as sweet and fragrant as a nosegay.
Coaxing "the bitter" to relinquish their anger
is a task for "the happy" not to stray.

Being a clown, cheerleader, or simply one  who is nice
should be made hard for others to not adopt.
The synergy of all of our joy and encouragement
will make us "one" and should be something to opt.

Persuasion to have a sense of well-being
starts with the key of offered good sentiments.
Grins, emotional hugs, and pats on the back
should not be selfish games  but personal commandments.