Written by: nette onclaud

A racy sky of light soaks in her charm 
Where creatures fear the woodland, naught they free; 
Immortal, she reigns with bold strength to disarm
Dark keepers, the eye of goddess doth foresee.

And  though she wisely reigns in lovely flight
Aphrodite hurls flames slaying man’s hunts
Protecting tender beasts, lo, they ignite
Upon barbed claws of grass, she then assaults. 

Her arrows dart through hungry stalkers’ flesh
As animals , behold, thrive on peaceful realm
Hence calm nights dwell on breeze, jungles refreshed
Under her care, fauna's world overwhelmed.

Life redeems this air blessed , so virgin clear
Heaven speaks, “ Lady, thy will nar’e forget,”
And far beyond her moonlit heart appears
On palette of sky guiding a new earth.

* Aphrodite also symbolizes Fertility and Protection
Briton Reviere Contest of  Isaiah Zerbst
Painting, ' Aphrodite' at
Written by nette onclaud