How Can I Trust You

Written by: Delphine Brandon

How can I trust you my dear with my precious heart
When in the past all you did was rip it all apart
So many nights I spent crying so many tears 
Blaming myself for all of our troubles for way too many years 
I prayed to God to give me strength to hold our family together
To give me sunshine in the rain,to make our lives better
Although we made it through the tough times, I find it hard to trust
You have to prove I can trust you my dear and that's a must
I gave you all my love and you threw it all away
I'm afraid to trust you my love, what more can I say?
How can I trust you once more with my precious heart?
I gave it to you once and you tore it all apart 
It took me a long time to find the love inside me
I was blinded by your lies, I could no longer see
You have to understand trusting you will take time
I cant give you the trust you want at the drop of a dime
You see you broke something that's going to take time to heal
I do love you and I'm sorry but my love for you is real..