Cool Waters

Written by: Shadow Hamilton

Deep is the water of the lagoon
filled with many kinds of things
the more you look the more you see
reflected clouds floating in the water

A host of wondrous plants on the banks
little fish darting hither and tither
tall reeds are casting mottled shadows
deep down a big catfish lies in ambush

The cool waters a pure bliss to watch
rippling waves setting off flashes
different colours glint and shatter
like light beams hitting coloured shards

The tranquillity of this magical place
calls out to me beckoning me closer
I lay on the grassy bank trailing a hand
in the soft water and feel I am restored

Keep this place secret just for us to share
come here whenever the outside world is too much
here a blissful peace awaits to bathe you
to bring comfort and soothe away the daily pains